After this amazing journey which connected me with amazing people from around the world and gave me the privilege to work with some amazing companies, I have decided to shift my focus from Adobe Xd to a wider specter of tools.

I decided to move to Figma which the courses will reflect starting Spring 2024. Apart from this, I will also include a lot of 3D to my work because I believe 3D will be the future need for any UX/UI designer out there.

Finally, no code tools like Webflow are the future and in future courses we will focus on those as well.

Adobe Xd Courses

If you or your company is still working in Adobe Xd that is great! I decided to switch to Figma because of my work which involves design system building and I believe that Figma is better for that.

I won't make any new Adobe Xd courses, but if you are interested in my old ones, check them out on Skillshare or Udemy.

Learn At Your Own Pace
Alex On Design You Tube Channel

Inception Design System

To all designers who purchased Inception Design System for Adobe Xd, nothing will change. You can still continue to use and enjoy it as you did so far!

Get Inception for Adobe Xd here.

Figma version will come in 2024 and it will be much more capable because of how good Figma deals with design system creation, integration and documentation. So keep an eye for that.

Finally, you can find all of my education content on my YouTube channel. That was and always will be free for anyone to get started and explore this amazing world of UX/UI design, animation and 3D.

Much more content to come in 2024 and beyond!

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